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September 19, 2017

You do everything with your friends: they’re there for you when we’re stuck in a jam, need a tub of ice cream after a breakup, or to agree with you when you rant about how that barista was waaay out of line! Your friends are your chosen family. You laugh with them and experience life with them. But do you show them how much they mean to you? Of course your friends will know you love them, based on the series of emoji texts you send every day, but every once in awhile, why not celebrate your friendship – yourfriend – and let her know, really, just how much she means to you.

Do something unexpected

Like a romantic boyfriend, a good friend will surprise the other with a little something special every once in awhile. (If you haven’t done this, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad friend). It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture like hiring a carriage to take you through the park while you sit under warm blankets and drink mulled wine from to-go coffee mugs. Or surprising them with a plane ticket to Hawaii and saying you talked to their boss and packed a suitcase already – no time to waste! Rather than draining your bank account and getting you both one step closer to being fired (or arrested), why not pay for her coffee the next time you go for a date? Or bake her a plate of cookies with smiley face M&Ms. Little heart-felt gestures go a long way.

Tell your friends how much you appreciate them regularly

While it’s nice to offer an unexpected gesture to your friend to show her how much you appreciate her friendship, it may be a bit over the top to surprise her all the time. You can still let your friend know how important she is to you by simply telling her how much you appreciate her. The next time she listens to a long story and offers you advice, let her know that you really appreciate her support and wisdom. Acknowledging the other person’s effort goes a long way in building a strong friendship foundation.

Find balance in the give-and-take

There are some friendships that are more balanced than others – that’s just their nature. And there isn’t anything wrong with this, so long as both parties are getting what they need out of the relationship. But every now and then, friendships – like all relationships – can become one-sided, throwing off the delicate balance you’ve created. It may be that one of you is experiencing a rough time or going through a big transition, and the other person takes on a major supportive role. Depending on what role you’re in, ask yourself if you still feel appreciated and respected/are being appreciative and respectful. If things feel way off balance, don’t be afraid to bring it up to your friend, even if they’re going through something. Honesty, while sometimes harder to express, is better than bottling up your feelings and harboring resentment towards someone special.