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June 29, 2017

The patriotic long weekend is here for those of you living in North America. Whether you’re Canadian (like us kids here at Inner Fire Headquarters) or American like our pals down South, your country is having a birthday this weekend! Happy Birthday! Naturally, you should celebrate. Plus it’s a long weekend for most of us, which means we get extra time to spend in the sun.

But before you set up your beach umbrella, make sure you’ve gone over this handy checklist so that you get the most out of your weekend, and don’t end up in the hospital with sun stroke.


Stay Hydrated

No, I don’t mean grab another beer from the cooler. Regardless of what you’re doing this weekend, it’s gonna be a hot one. You’re more susceptible to heat, sun stroke, and dehydration, especially if you’re indulging in some alcoholic beverages. Whether you’re lying on the beach doing literally nothing but breathing, or you’re huffing and puffing your way up a mountain on a day-long hike, make sure you’re staying hydrated. When the sun’s out, you sweat more, which means you need to drink more water. And if you’re exercising outside, you want to really make sure you’re keeping up with the cup. Take extra water with you on your adventure, just in case – you’ll only regret not doing it if you run out!


Sun Protection

Yeah, yeah, I know I sound like your mom when you were eight (and twelve and sixteen...and twenty-four), trying to leave the house with your friends. But without something to shade you from the sun, you could be looking at some sun stroke in your near future. Or a lobster red burn. I’m not sure which is worse. If you’re going to be in the sun all day, make sure to apply (and reapply) sunscreen, especially to delicate spots like your ears and nose. Take breaks now and then to cool off in the shade and give your body a break from the sun. Throw on a fancy sun hat or a ball cap–good thing they’re back in style now, right?! Just remember thesun is a big ball of gas that can reach temperatures of 27 million degrees Fahrenheit (or 15 million degrees Celsius). If that doesn’t make you want to take to the shade every hour, I don’t know what will.


Give an Update

Have you ever been on a date and texted your best friend the guy’s name, occupation and the time and place you were meeting him at,just in case? This is the kind of safety message I’m going for here. No, I’m not hoping you end up on a bad date this weekend (or ever). But if you are going out, let someone know. Going to a yoga class or meeting your friend for lunch is one thing, but if you’re heading out on the trail for a bike ride or hike, spending the day on a boat, or attending a big party to watch the fireworks, let another friend–or even your mom–know where you are. This isn’t meant to spook anyone, it’s just a precaution. Freak accidents happen, and it’s always best to make sure you’ve covered your booty before heading out for some fun.

All of us here at Inner Fire Headquarters want you to have an amazing long weekend (or regular style weekend if your country doesn’t have a holiday, or you’re reading this any old time of the year). And we want you to be safe. Maybe we’ll come up with some safety vests for our next line.