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This is Our Story


This Is Who We Are

Our Core Values

  • Social & environmental responsibility.
  • Education of our global community.
  • Peace through positivity and mindfulness.
  • Empowerment of your practice.

We create lifestyle clothing that fosters connection and honours mother earth.

We Believe

  • In sweaty hugs and extra long Savasanas.
  • In taking the long way/scenic route/road less traveled.
  • In paying it forward.
  • In salty skin, dirty feet and smelling like campfire.
  • In collaboration over competition.
  • In personal connection over wifi connection.
  • That yoga mats aren’t always required.
  • In laughing til your face hurts, crying til your face hurts and laughing til your face hurts again.
  • That abundance comes from equal parts passion/purpose and dancing/working your buns off (aka A-Bun-Dance).
  • In the power of the universe but we know that hustle is sold separately.
  • In leaving a place better than we found it (even if it means carrying garbage for long distances).
  • In waking up early to salute the sun and staying up late to howl at the moon.
  • That shoes are optional but blenders are non-negotiable.
  • In living by design, not by default.
  • That we are worthy of this one wild and crazy life.

Our intention is to create designs that make people smile, laugh and feel inspired.

Giving back


We believe very strongly that education is the single most important gift that anyone can receive. There are so many young people in this world who are unable to pursue their passions simply because they cannot afford to go to school. We have recently made the decision to donate a portion of our profits to The School Fund, an organization that helps facilitate micro-financed educational scholarships for youth in developing countries.

Leah's Story


Sometimes the universe sends you a big message that sets your life on a new path.

For me, that message came in the form of a grapefruit-sized ovarian cyst. Up until the surgery, my life was a go-go-go circus with no clear direction. When I was forced to stop and recover, I was gifted with the most amazing thing: space. Have you ever tried to light a fire in a vacuum? It doesn’t work. The spark needs oxygen to become a flame. That’s exactly what the space gave me: an opportunity to spark my creativity and create something I was truly passionate about. 

I wanted to create a brand that reflected my values of caring for our planet as well as our local and global communities.

I saw the apparel industry getting overrun by the throwaway culture of fast fashion and unfair labour practices. I knew there had to be another way. Armed with a squeegee and a sewing machine, I started printing and sewing my own pieces, selling them at local markets and online. From these humble beginnings, I began to realize that I wasn’t the only one who craved yoga lifestyle clothing that was locally, ethically and sustainably made.

What started out as a hobby quickly grew into a global brand. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to creating products that make a positive impact on our planet.  And let’s be honest: it ain’t the easy road, but it’s the only way, in our opinion.

One thing I’ve learned on this journey is that we are always stronger together. We hope to inspire others to dig deep and ignite their Inner Fires too (and look and feel great doing it!)


When you let your light shine bright, you spark the light in everyone around you. Be that spark.

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