Inner Fire

The spark that started it all

Inner Fire

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The spark that started it all

Inner Fire



sweaty hugs and extra long Savasanas.

taking the long way/scenic route/road less traveled

paying it forward.

salty skin, dirty feet and smelling like campfire.

collaboration over competition.

personal connection over wifi connection.

That yoga mats aren’t always required.

laughing til your face hurts, crying til your face hurts and laughing til your face hurts again.

That abundance comes from equal parts passion/purpose and dancing/working your buns off (aka A-Bun-Dance).

In the power of the universe but we know that hustle is sold separately.

In leaving a place better than we found it (even if it means carrying garbage for long distances).

In waking up early to salute the sun and staying up late to howl at the moon.

That shoes are optional but blenders are non-negotiable.

In living by design, not by default.

That we are worthy of this one wild and crazy life.