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December 14, 2017

There are some collaborations that just need to be broadcasted to the world! We just recently partnered with Moksha/Modo Yoga to createa special co-branded collection exclusively for the Moksha & Modo community (Moksha in Canada and Modo in the US/International – soon to be all under Modo Yoga in 2018). If you’ve never heard of Modo/Moksha Yoga before, it’s a community of over 85 yoga studios that offer their signature hot yoga sequence as well as a variety of other classes.

Each Moksha/Modo Yoga studio is designed and built on a foundation of clean, green, conscious construction with the intention of creating a calm and healthy environment for your practice and community. We’ve had a long relationship with them, going back to our founder Leah taking her Moksha/Modo teacher training shortly before she started Inner Fire. Now, several of our Luminaries teach at studios around North America.

When Moksha/Modo approached us to design a special collection for their studios, we were over the moon! We feel so strongly aligned with their values that it was a no brainer.We developed three new designs for capris and leggings, plus two shorts for this exclusive collection.

"We love collaborating with businesses and people that reflect Moksha/Modo's values – our 7 pillars," says Jessica Robertson, Co-founder of Moksha/Modo Yoga. "With Inner Fire, with Leah at the helm, there was not a second's hesitation to plant one tree for every pair of pants sold.  How cool is that? I have been impressed with Inner Fire's decisions every step of the way, from way back when Leah was bringing her home-made meditation cushions (that were the best) to the Moksha/Modo teacher trainings up until today with a commitment to post-consumer recycled plastic content in the fabric.  It's a joy to work with Inner Fire, it feels like family to us!" 

We know some of you are hoping to get your hands on a pair of the Moksha/Modo branded yoga leggings with their signature black and crimson swirl print, or solid black or crimson with the logo.These exclusive prints can only be found at local Moksha/Modo studios (while quantities last) or online via the Modo International Online Store. These prints are not being soldthrough the Inner Fire online store.

We love that you are as excited about this collaboration as we are, and want to extend our love to you and to everyone at Moksha/Modo for their ever-shining light.
And as part of Modo and Inner Fire’s eco-friendly approach, we’ve teamed up with One Tree Planted to plant one tree for every unit sold.

"Forests are communities.  Strong trees share nutrients with weakened and younger trees.  We have a lot too learn and gain from forests. Trees breath in, or sequester our atmospheric waste.  Forests protect watersheds and cool ecosystems.   And everywhere we turn forests and trees are in danger," says Robertson.

If you frequent a studio, ask them about the Inner Fire gear the next time you’re there for class, and their wonderful owners, teachers and staff will be able to hook you up! To learn more about the Moksha/Modo community and find a studio near you, head over to mokshayoga.ca or  modoyoga.com.