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Luminary Activities

Welcome to the Inner Fire Luminary Program.

We’re excited to have you on the team!

Getting Started:

Have you added your Luminary Badge to your website and social media profiles?

To receive your first store credit, just add the Inner Fire Luminary badge pictured here to your blog profile and social media profiles and click here to notify us. Please link the badge to:


Product Review:

Once you’ve tried out Inner Fire Apparel for yourself, write a product review or share a testimonial on social media or your blog and record it in the task manager.

Amazon Reviews:

Review on any Inner Fire top or bottom on Amazon* ($5 credits)

Review with a photo on any Inner Fire top or bottom ($10 credits)

Leave a verified review on Amazon* ($15 credits)

Leave a verified review with a photo on Amazon ($20 credits)


In exchange for store credit, choose at least 2 activities from the list below to perform each month, then record the task in the task manager.

  • Share a social media update about Inner Fire using #myinnerfire and #innerfireluminary. You will receive $5 store credit for each unique post (up to $30 per month) Here are a few samples to get you started:
    • I’m loving my new free spirit leggings! #myinnerfire #innerfireluminary Save 15% w discount code abcdxyz
    • My students are cracking up over this #myinnerfire yoga shirt (include photo of yourself wearing t-shirt) #innerfireluminary
  • Share your unique coupon code with your students and social network for a 15% discount on Inner Fire Apparel. You will receive 10% on every purchase made to be used as store credit. (Your coupon code is in your personalized email.)
  • Write a blog post that features Inner Fire or photos of you in Inner Fire on your website. $20 store credit for each blog post. See sample from fellow luminary. Posts should be at least 300 words and are subject to approval.
  • Create a blog post to be shared on the Inner Fire blog as a contributing author. You can submit your topic ideas to Posts are subject to approval. (There is a 400 word minimum; please include 2 photos.) $40 store credit for each blog post.
    • Blog topics appropriate for our audience include: yoga practice, health, nutrition, meditation, personal development, yoga business, inspirational stories.
    • Share your good Samaritan story! If you’re making a positive impact in your community we’d love to hear about it. Let us know about your project (email us at and be eligible for a featured blog post. 
  • Share your ideas with us. We’re open to suggestions! We’ll allocate the reward based on the activity and time required. We’re also open to design suggestions for upcoming collections.

Tracking Engagements

Once you’ve completed a task, please record it here. At the end of the month we’ll send you your store credit.

Record Task

In addition to the perks listed above, we'll be sharing some special rewards for top performers, such as tickets to retreats and festivals like Wanderlust. More details to come. For questions or comments, please contact

Receiving your store credits

One time each month your credits will be totaled and a store credit code will be sentto you based on your activities for the month.


Luminary Program Agreement |  Contest Terms and Conditions

News & Updates

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