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Blog Post Guidelines

Ignite your fire, share your voice.

Blog posts should be insightful, thought provoking and enable readers to understand themselves and yoga on a deeper level. Your blog submission should strive to dig beneath the surface.  

The Essentials:

  • Aim to deliver value - any advice or information shouldn’t seem cliche or oversimplified.
  • Personal stories should paint a vivid picture, are relatable, and provide a learning experience related to self-care, empowerment and/or yoga. Share important lessons and insights and practical tips that draw from your experiences.
  • Share advice that is practical and actionable when applicable (but not all posts need to be list-articles).
  • The story or blog should build a clear message or lesson for readers, that might evoke an “A-ha!” moment for the reader.
  • Use original concepts or shine new light on a proven concept.
  • Provide original, personal work. This means it has not been published anywhere before, including your own blog, and does not take sections from previously published work.
  • Credit is given to where it is owed, soplease cite your quotes and sources. We seriously can’t stress this enough.
  • Read up onplagiarism—we take this seriously, too.
  • No more than one link to your company's website in the body of the post.

The little things:

  • Online, it’s best to break up long paragraphs. It makes longer posts easier on the eye and less intimidating
  • Spell out the word “and” in the article. Do not use &.
  • Donot put words in ALL CAPS orbold for emphasis,please italicize.
  • When using commas in a list, be consistent. Either use the oxford comma in all of your sentences. (The comma after the last “and” or “or.” Or do not use a comma after the last item before the “and” or “or.”)
  • Any number over nine is written numerically: 10, four, 32, 108, nine, 10 flowers. (Unless it is the first word in a sentence: Fifty years ago.)

Suggested Writing Styles:

We’ve found that these types of writing styles are the best way to showcase your work.

In Depth Blog Post:

These types of posts give our readers and our community in-depth takeaways of value that are relevant to their lives in some way. Value here is the key. The reader should be able to take something from the post and be able to put it to use in some way. There is no specific word counts for our blog posts, but say as much or as little as necessary to make it a great read.

These can include: How to’s, Guides, Stories & Experiences, Inspiration / Self Care ...
(see below)


This type of post is broad, related to what’s trending, funny, whimsical and lighter in nature than most. They are typically shorter as well. These are fun and not the same as a value driven post as above.

Graphical (infographics)

These types of posts are always welcome and rely on infographics or slideshow images. The graphic itself is the narrative and should require very little explanation in the copy of the post. It should be easy to read with plenty of white space, designed well, and properly sourced.

We also welcome well thought-out ideas for infographics, or graphical posts where our internal design team will take your submission and put it together in a compelling design aesthetic.


Please send a main header image with a resolution of greater than 1200 pixels wide. Any other images can be any size, however images under 450px wide will not be used

Credit Images like this: Photo: [name] and ensure to use non-copyrighted images

Categories & Inspiration:

Choose a category, and below are some topics of inspiration to get you started.

  • Nourish (food)
    • Recipes
    • Nutrition
    • Health and Wellness
  • Wonder (curious / whimsical)
    • Lifestyle
    • Photo Journal
    • Happiness
    • Books & Quotes
    • Personal Stories
    • Self-care
    • Inspiration and passion
    • Body Image
    • Connection
  • Practice (yoga & meditation)
    • Instructional & How to guides
    • Yoga Sequences
    • Breathing & Meditation (techniques, books, practices, breath)
    • Spiritual & Spiritual texts (Gita, Sutras, etc)
    • Different paths and styles of yoga
    • Postures & Posture benefits
    • Chakras
    • Mindfulness
    • Mantras
    • Yamas & Niyamas
    • Funny Yoga (based on trends)
  • Explore (travel)
    • Personal stories
    • Photo Journal
  • Vibe (music)
    • Music you jam to before during and after your savasana.  

    What we will not accept:

    Yes, it should be obvious, but just in case, please do not submit:

    • Anything that has been clearly covered in our blog before (unless it is a different take, an expansion of the topic, or a fresh idea)
    • Anything that is thought be a link building scheme or incessant back linking
    • Anything that over promotes your company (a little is fine, but we look to provide value 100% of the time for our readers)
    • Anything that is offensive or factually inaccurate
    • Anything that is overly critical or in a negative tone. It should always be about uplifting and positive material when it can be

    How to submit your post:

    Submit your completed post as a Google Doc and share withanthony@myinnerfire.com andcommunity@myinnerfire.com withBlog Post: Title of blogpost as the header.

    Please attach any artwork or images to an email to the above addresses with the above as the subject line (Blog Post: Title of blogpost as the header ).

    Google Doc Title:

    Blog Post: 5 tips on writing amazing blog posts

    Email Subject Line:

    Blog Post: 5 tips on writing amazing blog posts

    The inside of the google doc should appear as follows:

    Bio: Short author bio a maximum of one link to your own website/instagram.

    Post Title:

    Body Copy

    Acceptance & Rights:

    We can’t pay per article. We do, however, offer incentives for our luminaries and consistent contributors.

    Inner Fire reserves all use rights to anything we publish in any form. By submitting you give Inner Fire “use rights” in perpetuity. That’s a fancy word for “forever.” That said, you can use our edited and published article with credit and link in any publication that you own or control—i.e. your personal site or a gallery exhibition. You cannot re-publish your Inner Fire article elsewhere online.