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April 25, 2016

Overcoming Grief

Coping with loss is perhaps one of the worst feeling in the world, as you will have to go through many stages of sadness and blame. Nevertheless, it is a natural process, and you should let time heal your wounds. Try to avoid rushing the phases of grief, as it will only create more grief. With yoga, you can start the healing process and make sure you pull through.

Grief Is Normal

Grieving can be difficult, especially if you lost someone dearly beloved. Accepting it will take time and unless you find a way to handle your inner feelings you might have a hard time finally acknowledging what has happened. If you start practicing yoga, the breathing exercises will help in controlling your feelings, as well as give you a chance to escape reality for a little bit while you work out.



Yoga Is Beneficial

Through the power of yoga you can achieve many physical feats, and it will help you in staying healthy and agile. Moreover, most exercises are meant to give you focus when breathing. It will be the key when dealing with loss, so that when you start feeling sad, you can channel grief into power. On the other hand, yoga is great for the soul and the inner self. It will take you on a journey of self-discovery and finding inner peace, which is exactly what you need when handling the feelings of loss.



Yoga Is About You

Most people think that yoga is about exercise only, and that it cannot do you any good otherwise. But yoga is all about you, inner peace and finding your true self, through meditation and exercise. Exploring the inner mind is never an easy endeavor and it will often require proper guidance as we all have some kind of inhibitors, and experienced person will help overcome them. The power of yoga will aid you in steering your feelings of grief into other aspects of your life.



Start Healing With Yoga

Many poses in yoga are meant to give you power to start self-healing and to focus your mind. The meditative posture allows for gathering strength and achieving mental and physical bliss. In that state, you can find your answers and even the forte to pull through a rough grieving period. Furthermore,the asana poses will not cancel out what you are going through, as many would expect, rather, it will give you the support you need to fill yourself with energy. With the simple meditative poses you can start your healing process and hope for faster recovery.



Help Your Inner Self

When you feel like the pain is getting overwhelming, it is time to dig deeper and to seek yoga’s more complex poses for help. Although asanas can help, they can only do so much, and you will need guidance to reach the other states to achieve serenity.Moving on to pratyahara will allow you to explore your inner feelings, to breathe and relax. The aim of yoga is not to help you forget about your pain, but to channel and focus those feelings and to start healing from the inside out.



Give Yourself Time

One of the worst thing that people could assume is that grief will last only a short period and that everything will be fine and dandy afterwards. Tom & Birgitt Turner, who foundedAffinity Funerals, say that grieving will take longer than people would anticipate, and that it is unpredictable. What can also be found from Tom & Brigitt is that controlling chaotic feelings and strong sadness is often impossible and very difficult to achieve. Though, through yoga you can manage to at least set boundaries and help better focus your feelings of loss.



Accept Your Feelings and Your Loss

In essence, grieving means that you are working towards accepting a drastic change in your life for which nobody is prepared. Try as you might, but masking your pain will never work and you will only have a harder time going through the process. Instead, find a better way to focus your sadness to be able to pull through with little to no consequences, in which yoga can help tremendously. However, expect the process to be long and difficult, as they journey of grief is challenging in many forms.


Losing someone dear to you can be a shocking experience and many cannot cope with it even after a number of years have passed. Unfortunately, the best you can do is to keep your feelings at bay and to learn how to live with them. Yoga helps in keeping the mind strong and to focus your inner sadness into something more creative and less destructive. Daily meditation and exercise is going to make you pull through the grieving period, and feeling content at the end.


Derek Lotts is a hopeless romantic and awkward situation enthusiast from the land down under. He strives to find where his energy belongs. In his pursuit, he has gained the knowledge he is eager to share.