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April 24, 2017

Looking back on the past few years, it’s crazy to think about how much this little company has changed. What started out as a one-woman show has now evolved into a great team that I’m proud to call the Inner Fire Family. We’ve seen our e-commerce site go through many iterations, with the goal of improving our customer experience and delivering as much value as possible. 

We want to be as transparent with you as possible because we appreciate our community so much! As of today, we will be changing our website's checkout cart from CAD to USD.

As Canadian company, we understand how this might be confusing to our Canadian customers. We've been holding off on making this decision for as long as possible but we feel this decision will allow us to deliver the best customer experience possible. There are two main reasons for this change:

1) We want to provide you with the best e-commerce experience and our current platform is very limited when run in CAD. Updating our platform to a USD currency will give our customers a better user experience and awesome integrations with social networks like Pinterest.

2) We purchase our fabric inputs in USD (which is the currency most merchants use, regardless of location), which means that over the past few years, our costs have gone up considerably against the Canadian dollar. In order to keep producing locally and sourcing the best fabrics, we have to make sure our costs are stable.

But don’t worry, we're not going to just change the currency without adjusting the prices. We’ve adjusted the prices so that our customers will only be paying just a bit more per item. For example, our capris will go from $82 CAD to $68 USD, which comes to $90 CAD with today's exchange rate. We know that this will impact our Canadian customers to the most, but we hope that you can see that this change is necessary from a practical standpoint, not a political one. We need to be able to price on par with what is being charged by our US competitors in order to not underprice ourselves in our industry. 

Remember we do still sell our products on and through our network of awesome retailers so there are many ways you can get our product and pay CAD. 

We know that this can still be a bummer for some of you, and we totally get it. Price increases suck, but remember that this will help further support our community initiatives supporting youth education and environmental protection. As always, we're committed to delivering products with ❤️ and the best customer service experience possible.

Thank you for supporting our goal to make a positive impact in our world! If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at

😘 Love & Light,
- Inner Fire Team.


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