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July 18, 2018

This month we are featuring one of the latest additions to our Luminary family, studio owner and eco-warrior Emily Kane. Read up on how this long time environmental advocate and yoga teacher has made a few simple changes to dramatically reduce her carbon footprint and plastic waste.

Going Green with Luminary Emily Kane   

It started off with the little things. First, my growing discomfort of single use plastics. Then researching every last detail with the food or consumables I’m investing in. In this process I’ve found myself questioning how I can truly make a difference in what seems like an uphill battle with protecting the environment.

Even though I’ve always been an eco-warrior it’s like I’ve been called to “level up.”

I remember as a kid picking up trash on my way back from the store or embracing the importance of recycling. The last year I’ve felt drawn to take things a step further. Now more than ever that it’s the little things that count because setting an example for others really can make a difference. Here’s a few ways to help you level up.

Bring a water bottle or reusable mug everywhere

For a long time where I teach yoga I was using compostable cups for me tea. Then one day I thought “why don’t I leave a mug here? Even if it’s compostable it’d still be less waste overall.” So I brought my mug along with a mason jar of dish soap to keep it disinfected regularly and BAM a couple years later I’ve saved a ton of cups.

Not only will you be hydrated constantly (extra points for keeping yourself healthy) but you’ll also be committing to creating less waste. Plus lots of cafes will offer discounts or incentives for you to bring your mug. Helping out the environment and saving here-and-there is a win-win.

Bonus points for bringing your own Tupperware for leftovers or takeout! Every little bit counts, right?


Support companies that share your commitment

Luckily, there are tons of brands who have your back with supporting the environment and doing what they can to make a difference too. When looking for your next place to get take-out, support restaurants and cafes that choose compostable packaging. Another great way is to ditch the straw. Who needs single use plastics taking up space in landfills or waterways?

For groceries, go local and organic whenever you can. I love hitting up my local farmers market! I can usually get organic groceries for a fraction of the price compared to the grocery store plus I’m supporting a farmer that’s putting love on the table. Organic groceries aren’t just good for your health. They’re great for the environment too! Organic farming uses less energy, reduces pollution, protects surrounding habitats for animals, and more. So fill up that reusable grocery bag with goodness!

Lately, I’ve been rocking my Inner Fire pants. Can you believe they’re made from recycled bottles? Who knew that loving the environment could look so good!

Lastly, avoid beating yourself up if you mess up

We’ve all been there. I’ve forgotten my water bottle or I’m desperate at the airport for a matcha latte or you get something from Amazon to find it’s packed with a ton of plastic. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Just chalk it up as a mistake and keep moving forward. Rome wasn’t built in a day! Even the smallest steps can make a big impact over time.


Emily Kane is a Whistler based yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer, and reiki master teacher. She is also the owner of Yogacara Studios located in Whistler, B.C. To learn more about Emily you can visit EmilyKaneYoga.com or find her on Instagram at @EmilyKaneYoga.

Inner Fire is committed to creating eco-friendly fashion and apparel, our leggings are made from BPA-free recycled water bottles and our shirts are printed solely using toxic-free water based inks.