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September 21, 2016

Like the Bandha before it, Uddiyana Bandha, also known as the upward abdominal lift, is a breathing exercise that  focuses on the diaphragm and unlocking the solar plexus chakra.  

Before you perform this bandha, it is beneficial to have an empty stomach as the vacuum like technique used draws the abdominal cavity in and up as far as possible. Practicing this in the morning will give you optimal chances to receive its true value.

Uddiyana Bandha

Sanskrit: Uddiyana means “upward,” referring to the direction of energy elicited by pulling the abdomen in and up. It is often referred to as the abdominal lock.

Instructions: Stand with the feet wider than hip width apart, the torso leaning slightly forward, knees bent, and hands on the thighs. Take a deep inhale to prepare then exhale all your air. Hold the breath out and draw your navel in and up under the rib cage so the belly hollows out. Hold for a four to eight seconds, then release the belly and inhale as you straighten up.

Physiology: Uddiyana bandha is a deep engagement of the transversus abdominis. Not only does this strengthen the core, it massages the abdominal organs to refresh blood flow, stretches the diaphragm, the primary muscle for breathing and relieves constipation.

Energy: Uddiyana bandha activates and stimulates the solar plexus chakra (manipura)

Benefits of Uddiyana Bandha:

  • Improves circulation of abdominals muscles by drawing blood into the chest and back to the heart.
  • Decreases pressure in the capillary beds and veins of abdominal organs
  • Practiced regularly you will be able to breath more fully and comfortably
  • Massages internal organs, heart and lungs.
  • Improves digestion, assimilation and elimination.
  • Enhances function of the liver and the pancrase
  • Increases blood flow throughout the body.
  • Helps move pranic energy through the body.

Uddiyana Bandha is a strong bandha that should only be practiced once Mula Bandha has been mastered.  This bandha should be preformed once your asana and pranayama are completed but before you begin your meditation. Doing it in this order will allow you mind and body to access it more comfortably..