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December 21, 2016

Homemade gifts don’t always have to include a macaroni portrait, although lovely. There are so many options out there, from books and blogs to creative partnerships that help create the perfect ethical and smart homemade gift.

Find Recipes and Guides Online

The internet is not only full of wonderful ideas but also step-by-step guides on how to take that idea and make it into something beautiful. Whether you’re scrolling through Pinterest or searching your favourite crafting blog, like Everything Etsy, there are endless designs, patterns and recipes out there. You can usually find what you’re looking for for free, but if you’re coming up short on that front, you can always just tag the word “free” or “inexpensive” to the end of your search to find some cost-effective solutions.

Use Recycled Materials

It’s really quite amazing what can be made from old materials. Take, for example, Inner Fire Apparel, which is made from recycled water bottles. We’re not expecting you to sort through your neighbor's recycling bin for plastic bottles to crush and make into pants, but there are so many opportunities to take an old item and use it to create something completely unrelated but totally awesome.

 Consider the Receiver

When giving a gift, you want to know that the person receiving it will love it and get use out of it. Before you get out your craft box, consider who you’re giving the gift to; what do they like or need that you can create with a few stitches, a dab of glue and some love? Doing a little brainstorming will help you decide on the perfect gift that is sure to be adored.

Few Ingredients

Making things at home, like delicious goodies or bath products often requires only a few ingredients, rather than the long list of unpronounceable components in pre-packaged items. You also have the ability to choose where you’re purchasing these ingredients from; whether it’s from a local shop, farmer or just being able to choose bulk ingredients that are organic, you are able to then create something sustainable and ethical.

 Ask For Help

We all have our strong suits, and sometimes we need to bring in reinforcements to help us complete part of a gift so that it looks just right. Don’t be afraid to ask a friend or family member for help on a project. Just because you didn’t do all the work, doesn’t mean that it was made with any less love or thought - if anything it’s made with more! Don’t hesitate to start a project that requires some outside expertise or learning of a new trade.

Fear not the instructions, scissors and glitter. Homemade gifts are more doable than ever and you have the creative and ethical control in your hand and paintbrush/sewing machine/glue gun/spatula.



Photo Credit: Canadian Veggie via Compfight cc

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