Know Your Chakras Series Part 5: The Throat Chakra {Vishuddha}

November 03, 2015

A blocked fifth chakra will show up in a person who bails out on plans or is known as your “flakey” friend.  They tend to be unreliable and are unable to speak their mind, even lying to covering up their truth.  They quite often feel misunderstood because they are not sure how to express themselves.  Physical dysfunctions associated with an imbalanced throat chakra are TMJ, issues with the ears, noise, and throat, thyroid and parathyroid problems, chronic sinus infections, sore shoulders or arms, neck tightness or pain, dependence on oral substances (alcohol/drugs).

Some things to try on to help open and unblock your throat chakra are:

  • Make noise! Sing, hum, sigh, chant, scream.  I quite often will let it all out in the car by myself or when a train goes by close to me.  It feels amazing! 
  • Take care of your mouth.  Floss your teeth, rinse your sinuses with a neti pot, oil pull with some coconut oil, and visit you dentist.  Oral hygiene is way more important than you think – just ask your dental hygienist.
  • Wear blue. Gemstones such as lapis lazuli, sodalite and blue lace agate are helpful in unblocking this area.  Rock your favorite pair of blue jeans. Paint your nails a bold shade of blue.  My two favorite inner fire prints in turquoise (covering both heart and throat chakra) are the Goddess and Deer Love.  For a more subtle look check out the Aurora and Flora print leggings. 
  • On a clear day gaze at the sky.  The sun will awaken your solar plexus while the blue will stimulate the throat. 
  • Speak up.  State what you want.  Say no when you want to say no.  In my world, if an answer is not a HECK YES!  Then it’s a no.  If you have troubles with this practice saying no to in front of a mirror or role play with a friend. It’s a practice just like anything else, but learning to stand in your own power will cause major shifts within your life. 

Some questions to journal or discuss with a friend or partner:
  • Do I keep my thoughts and feelings to myself? 
  • What beliefs do I continue to accept even though I know they are not true?
  • How do I communicate with others? Am I an effective listener and speaker?
  • Do I often interrupt others when they are speaking? What happens when people interrupt me?
  • How do I express my anger or frustration with someone? 

Key yoga poses associated with the throat chakra:
  • Neck stretches
  • Shoulder Stand
  • Plow pose
  • Waterfall

Throat Chakra Affirmation:
I speak my truth. I express myself with clarity and confidence. I create my own reality. I listen to the needs of others. I am authentic.

By Luminary: Tara Koenig