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5 Simple Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Festival Experience

July 07, 2014

We just had a blast at Wanderlust Vermont a few weeks ago. As we go into the full on festival season, we thought we'd share some great tips to help make sure you are out there shaking your asana off and having the time of your life. 

1. Meditate

With all the excitement and buzz around you, it’s easy to get lost in the atmosphere but remember what you are here for. You’re here to enhance your yoga journey and experience something out of our normal reality! Start your day with deep breathing, bringing yourself back to the present. Savor the moment of being at an amazing place with amazing people, and prepare your body and mind for a day of new experiences!

2. Refuel

With so much going on around you, you could forget to take time to have a full meal because you want to catch every show or class, but you don’t want to miss out on the fun because you are lacking energy! Remember to take breaks to have a proper meal or a snack, the food vendors at the festival will have tons of healthy, local food that will give your body the energy it needs!

3. Hydrate

Be sure to replenish your body of much needed liquids. Between the yoga sessions and dancing in the sun, you’re losing a lot of it! Check out the food vendors and opt for lemon or cucumber infused water for some freshness, a smoothie or green juice to quench your thirst and hunger or coconut water for overall body wellness. Don’t forget about drinking plain water as well, the simplest things in life can be the best! There are usually water stations set up so don't forget your water bottle!

4. Sweat

Detoxify your entire body including your organs by taking a Vinyasa or Power Yoga class at some point during the day! Sweating does wonders for cleaning out your body as well as pumping endorphins and other happy chemicals into our body to naturally lower our stress levels and improve our mood.

5. Connect

With so many yoga sessions and side events going on at the same time, it’s normal to want to go to as many events as possible, but don’t forget to connect with the community while you’re there! Within the festival, there are so many like-minded people but with completely different life experiences, don’t be afraid to make some new friends! Also check out the yogi shops and studios that are present, you can find some pretty cool things while supporting your fellow yogis!

Inner Fire will be at Wanderlust Whistler and Wanderlust Tremblant this summer! See you there!

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