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May 22, 2018

This meditation focuses on sound and verbal vibrations. Thebija mantra (bija means seed) follows through all seven chakras, chanting each sound for each chakra. For example, the sound for the first (root) chakra isLam. To start, take a cleansing breath. Then, breathe in. As you exhale, repeatlam, lam, lam and exhale the rest of the air out. You will then move onto the next chakra and repeat it’s sound, and so on.

The seven sounds, from first to seventh chakra are:

LAM (first, root)

VAM (second, sacral)

RAM (third, solar plexus)

YAM (fourth, heart)

HAM (fifth, throat)

OM (sixth, third eye)

AH (seventh, crown)

If you’re looking for a clean and concise explanation of the chakras and their meaning, check out this article –The 7 Chakras for Beginners – by Mind Body Green. And follow along with this audio meditation to hear how all the sounds . . . sound.