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November 27, 2017

Let’s go back to basics. If you don’t think you know whatujaii breath is, chances are you’ve done it before. You may even be doing it right now without realizing it. Yoga teachers talk about it a lot in public classes; it’s the basic breath and a foundation of a yoga practice.

Ujaii means victorious in Sanskrit, so you can think of this as your victorious breath.

It’s that deep, soundful breath that comes from the depths of your belly and travels all the way up through your throat and out your nose. There is a slight restriction in the back of your throat, which creates the wave-like sound as you inhale and exhale. This breath helps to build heat in your body, and also puts enough pressure on the vagus nerve to calm down the nervous system (and therefore, you, in general). It’s pretty amazing what a simple breathing technique can do.

This meditation is all about tapping into stillness by pulling our awareness inwards and towards our breath. It sounds easier than it is, sometimes.But we’ve got you covered with a downloadable meditation that you can use to support your practice. Don’t be afraid to try this breathing technique on your own when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Just take 10 longujaii breaths, and notice how tension starts to leave your shoulders and forehead, and your blood pressure starts to drop back to normal.