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May 16, 2018

There’s never a wrong time to practice gratitude. You can quote us on that. Gratitude – expressing and receiving – is such an integral part of peaceful human existence and we don’t practice it enough. The good thing is that there is never a bad time to start or a wrong time to practice gratitude. We’ve put together a guided meditation that you can follow along with at home or take with you to listen to at work, or during your commute.

Here are some of the highlights we’ve gathered about gratitude. You can use these little practices throughout your day when you need a reminder to be grateful or if you’re having a hard time receiving gratitude from someone else.

  • Gratitude is being aware of the abundance in our lives
  • Place your awareness on your heart
  • Ask yourself ‘What am I grateful for?’ and let the answers come from your gut. Trust your instincts, they’re usually always right.

If you're ever feeling like you need a little reminder to stay grateful, or want to encourage a loved one to practice more gratitude, have a listen to the guided meditation below, led by Inner Fire's Leah Emmott.