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March 01, 2018

By Luminary Savannah Wishart

Taking a committed step toward a dream is an initiation, like a coming of age ceremony in which you say an oath to the Universe.

“I am ready,” you say. “I am committed to a life that is so much more than ordinary. I am ready to take a step into the unknown, although I know my heart will be filled with a swirling mixture of fear and excitement. I know that the excitement will overpower the fear, and every moment will be spent living with purpose to create the life I deserve. From now on, I create my own path. Now, I am free.”  

And new chapter begins. Perhaps, a new book.

Suddenly life feels lighter. With a spring in your step, every day is filled to the brim with possibility.

“How will I change the world today?” you wonder. But there's no pressure when you know that any step forward, no matter how big or small, brings you closer to living in alignment.

Abundance begins to seep through your newly opened window. Before long, it gushes through, and everything you desire begins to fall into place.

Some call it magic. Some call it manifestation. Others call it luck, but that's the one thing it's not.

When you follow your heart to create the life of your dreams, things seem to come with ease. That's what happens when you are living synchronized with passion and limitless purpose. Your heart, your mind, and your talents are aligned. When you have courage to go after what you want, the Universe hears your voice and answers back.

When opportunities are waiting around every corner, people don't always see the work you're doing in the background.

The beauty of it is that neither do you, because you're in love with your life.

The truth is that the opportunities were always there; you just opened your eyes to see them. The opportunities are there, waiting for everyone... if only they would look up, they would see them too.

While people are spending their free-time emptying their brain in front of a television, you're enraptured with pen and paper, writing the next inspiring article for your blossoming website.

Everyone is waking up and sleeping with a routine, while you're staying up until 2am writing your heart away because that's when your most influential words seem to flow.

Your friend is buying another pair of expensive shoes while you book a one way ticket to wherever your heartstrings pull you.

Wherever you go and no matter what time it is, you carry a notebook so that you are always ready to answer the call of your mistress, Creativity.

Your evenings are spent having heart-expanding conversations with ambitious dreamers, instead of drinking away your day at a bar.

While someone throws together dinner for the sake of eating because their job drained the life out of them, you're preparing a meal with love to nourish both your body and spirit... and while you're at it, it just so happens to be the next recipe for your upcoming cookbook.

You are on a journey around the Earth to explore other cultures and what other people know, how they live, what their perspectives are. Your experience of life is a melting pot of opinions and ideas from people living very different lives. Your mind is open with curiosity, while other people will know only the values they've adopted from their family.

When someone says they can't do something because they don't have the money, you know that there is always a way to make something happen if you want it badly enough.

You are always switched ON, but you choose that everyday over a life of being switched off, the light dimming from your eyes.

This is what life looks like on your terms.

What do you do differently than others that makes you stand out from the crowd

What do you practice to make your dreams come alive?


Savannah Wishart,
Owner | Primal Revolutions

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