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April 30, 2018

Some partnerships just make sense. We totally felt things click when Nicole Lawson, Founder and CEO of Supported Soul – an eco-friendly yoga mat company that creates a two-in-one toweled yoga mat with printed designs –  came to us with the collaborative idea to print Inner Fire designs on Supported Soul yoga mats. We are so pumped to have had the opportunity to partner with Supported Soul and Nicole and present to you this special treat we’ve been cooking up over the last few months. Since we loved working with this brand so much, we wanted to introduce you to Nicole, so without further ado, here is our quick Q&A with this beautiful lady!

Nicole Lawson Supported Soul

  1. What inspired you to start Supported Soul?

My background is in Nutritional Science as well as the fashion wholesale industry. I was always looking for a way to combine the two and creating Supported Soul was the perfect solution. Now I am able to be involved in the health and wellness industry by creating functional, designer yoga mats, which are in high demand right now.

  1. Tell us a bit about the Supported Soul community and how they support you, and each other.

I am very fortunate to have an amazing team of brand ambassadors, as well an engaged group of followers on Instagram and Facebook. Numerous positive comments are left on every post I make and that feels very rewarding. My brand ambassadors are always posting photos on their mats and in their Supported Soul apparel and I promote them through my website and in my posts. I also have a growing number of studios and retailers carrying our yoga mats and they have all been incredibly supportive. I feel grateful every day for everyone that resonates with Supported Soul.

  1. What makes Supported Soul mats different?

When I came across the technology of a yoga mat and towel in one, I immediately wanted to make it accessible for other yogis. I always used a towel over my mat and found it so distracting to constantly be adjusting it! The Supported Soul mats are the best quality mat I have ever used and they are eco-friendly, machine washable and made without toxins or chemicals. In addition, we work with an extremely talented group of local graphic artists to produce authentic, cutting edge designs.

  1. Tell us about the inspiration behind your designs.

I originally was only going to start with four prints but it became very difficult to narrow things down! The ten designs that we currently offer were inspired by fashion trends, modern art, the beautiful BC landscape, and vintage prints. I wanted to have enough variety so there was a design that resonated with everyone.

Collaborating with Fluevog and Inner Fire has been an amazing way that my brand has been supported. Aligning with these two legendary local (Vancouver) brands has been great validation that we are on the right path and all my hard work is paying off.

  1. What does yoga mean to you?

Yoga is solitude, gratitude, mental and physical growth, and a new perspective. My practice was there for me during the most challenging times of my life and that is where my company name comes from. The time I took for myself to reconnect with my soul is what got me through and has brought me to this moment, and I have yoga to thank for that.

Nicole Lawson Supported Soul
  1. What are some of the biggest lessons you've learned since starting your own business? Do you have any tips for any aspiring entrepreneurs?

If you love it and truly believe in it, then go for it! It may seem daunting but when you get your ideas out there, so many people are willing to help. I have been so fortunate to be supported by friends, family and amazing local business owners. There is a real sense of community among entrepreneurs and we all want to build each other up! It is more work than you could ever imagine, but it is YOURS and it really doesn't get any better than that.

  1. What sets your soul on fire?

My husband and two little boys. Amazing music, art and fashion. Inspirational teachers. Moments of pure, uninterrupted gratitude. Making progress. Having the opportunity to make a difference. Creating art and products for others to enjoy.

  1. Do you have a special supportive message for other mum’s out there for Mother’s Day?

Take time for yourself and support your soul. As rewarding and joyful as motherhood is, it is also equally draining and overwhelming. Self love and personal growth is key to being the best version of yourself. Do what you love to lift your spirits and everyone around you will benefit!

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