January 08, 2018

We love our Luminary community and want to introduce you to as many of them as we possibly can! We find them to be truly inspiring, warm-hearted people with killer goals and amazing attitudes. This month, we reached out to New Brunswick native, Amy Berube, to give us the insights into her yoga practice, and how she stays inspired on and off her mat.

How long have you been practicing and teaching yoga? What styles and with who?

I’ve been practicing yoga since 2009 but it was in 2013 that I fell in love with the practice. I was diagnosed with anxiety in 2013 and the doctor prescribed me medication, but I knew in my heart that I wanted to try something else. That’s when I started dedicating so much time on my mat and from there I learned techniques to deal with my anxiety. Yoga became a big part of who I was on and off the mat and I knew I needed to share this passion with the world, so in January 2017 I did my 200-hour teacher training. It was the scariest, yet most self-growing experience I could have ever done. I enjoy many different styles of yoga but my heart has a big place for the slow yoga, where I feel so much, and just move with intention and focus on my breath. That’s why I think I prefer teaching more gentle classes – I currently teach a gentle hatha flow. Even though I am a very energetic person, my soul needs the slow classes to come back to the present moment and slow me down.

Do you take your yoga off the mat? How?

I honestly think that yoga off the mat is one of the most important parts of the practice. Practicing the 8 limbs of yoga and applying them to your daily actions are beneficial. Ahimsa – a branch of the 8 limbs – means to do no harm and treat others with nonviolence. Since a young age, I’ve always lived by the rule to treat others how you want to be treated, and always have empathy in your heart. I choose to love without judgement, and to trust and forgive. Be kind and understanding towards others. I enjoy meeting new people and creating new connections.

Do you feel your Instagram account helps to connect with people?

Oh yes, very much so. I’ve met so many beautiful souls on this platform and I know with all my heart that it’s only the beginning. This platform allows me to connect with so many humans all over the world that share this passion and it’s honestly humbling to be allowed this opportunity.

You can follow Amy on Instagram @amy.yogini.

How are you engaged with your community?

I teach kindergarten and one of my favourite parts of the job is connecting with the families, and being involved in afterschool activities and helping out in our school community. Kids are a big part of my everyday life and they are just magical. If you are surrounded by children, you will quickly notice how fast they forgive and how they find joy in little things. Being around them is rewarding. I enjoy teaching yoga to them, and watching them learn and be so passionate about it.

Even though you’re new, what do you love most about being an Inner Fire Luminary?

I absolutely love the community! Everyone’s so welcoming and, honestly, all so ambitious. They work with you and are open to and involved in everyone’s ideas. I love how Inner Fire gives back, and makes clothing that is high quality and made from recycled bottles of waters. I’ve been wearing their products for a few years so working with them is a an honour.

Do you have any special projects coming up? What are you goals for 2018?

I do have a few special projects coming up in 2018. I want to launch my website where I will be sharing blogs, yoga tutorials and flows, as well as photography and my teaching schedule. I’m getting married in July in New Brunswick, so that is definitely something to look forward to. And traveling to Greece and Italy during the summer.

Tell us 3 non-yoga-related about yourself.

Growing up in a small town in New Brunswick, I was always playing outside and exploring, so it’s safe to say you can find me enjoying any outdoor activities. I am a big animal lover – I would dream as a kid of owning a zoo and I was convinced that I would have a giraffe in my backyard.
I am a big kid at heart and take pleasure in the little things in life, like I’d love balloons over flowers, most definitely, if you want to be romantic or surprise me.

Trust the journey even when you don’t understand it .

Much love,