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October 09, 2017

There comes a time when we all need a little inspiration. Whether you’re having a rough day and need a pick-me-up, are training for an athletic adventure, or launching a new tier to your business, a single dose of inspiration can go a long way. It may come in the form of a quote, a text from your best friend, or a video on Instagram. These are all amazing sources for inspiration, but have you ever consideredyourself to hold that same power? You are as radiant, motivating and inspiring as anyone else – ever your idols and role models. Here’s a challenge: the next time you find yourself looking for a kick in the pants, or a reason to wake up early and go for that long run, look inwards. See the strength inside you and test what you’re made of. You’re likely to not only surprise yourself, but inspire yourself (and maybe a few others along the way, as well).


Sat Nam

Truth is my name

Sat Nam is a sanskrit mantra that translates totruth is my name.Let your inner being and beauty be your inspiration and guiding light as you chant this mantra. There are different ways to chant this mantra: you can sing it, repeat it with every breath cycle as you meditate, or even write it on your bathroom mirror as a reminder. Play around with it and find what feels right for you in the moment. If you need a little inspiration, check out some videos on youtube for how other people repeat this phrase.


Inversion Prep:

Dolphin Up Wall:

  • Sit with your back against the wall and legs extended
  • Mark where your heels are on the floor
  • Come to tabletop and place your hands (shoulder distance apart) on the mark
  • Walk your feet up the wall until your hips are at 90 degrees (it helps with alignment to do this pose in front of a mirror or to do with a partner so they can check for you)
  • Hold for 15-60 seconds then come into child’s pose

Forearm Plank with shoulder agility:

  • Start in plank pose
  • Lower to your forearms and keep your elbows close to your body
  • Hold here for 30-60 seconds
  • OR rock forward on your toes then back, creating a bit of movement in your shoulders
  • Keep your bum down and belly strong
  • Rock for 30-60 seconds

Donkey Kicks:

  • Start in downward facing dog (hands shoulder-width apart)
  • Transfer your weight forward into your hands so your shoulders stack over your wrists; Kick your feet up towards your bum at the same time
  • Engage your belly as your kick up to control your movement
  • Let your feet come back down and repeat
  • Repeat 10-20 times

What inspires you during your practice or throughout your day? We’d love to hear from you! @myinnerfire or #myinnerfire.