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April 19, 2018

Happy Earth Day, beautiful humans! How wonderful is it that we get a whole day toofficially celebrate this big blue and green (and every other colour) planet of ours!? It’s so inspiring to see all the eco initiatives that pop up around Earth Day, whether they be national campaigns, community events, or personal goals to reduce your waste for the day. We love it all and are always looking for ways to reduce our waste impact on this planet. So, today we want to share with you some of our favourite eco trends that you can get behind, no matter what!

Reusable Straws

We’re learning more and more about how plastic straws are wreaking havoc on the oceans and wildlife. Good thing some people are geniuses and came up with reusable glass and steel straws. They even have special cleaning brushes that fit inside the straws so that you don’t get leftover bits of smoothie stuck in there and have a surprise the next day (gross!).

Reusable Straws


Minimalist Closet

Purging your closet isn’t just part of spring cleaning anymore. More and more people are joining the back to basics fashion trend that takes minimalism to another level. Keep a handful of essential pieces in your closet–a white t-shirt, blue jeans, black leggings, etc.–that match your personality and are functional for your lifestyle. Play around with pairing them in different ways, or adding accessories to jazz up your look. You can do a lot with a little!

Minimalist Closet

Ethical Fashion

Speaking of keeping things basic, ethical fashion is becoming increasingly popular. You want to know where your clothes are being made, by whom, and with what materials–but not just any materials. Ethically sourced, fair-trade, recycled, upcycled fabrics are all the rage amongst the everyday shopper, not just the eco-friendly hippy. We totally get it! Inner Fire products have always been made from recycled materials and we source our fabrics and make our products in North America.  

Eco Friendly Yoga Apparel

Green Beauty Products

If you’re getting curious about where your clothes are coming from, chances are you also want to know what the low-down is for your makeup. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to know what ingredients arereally in the foundations and lotions you rub into your skin on a daily basis. More and more companies are starting to pop up that sell exclusively eco-friendly and ethically created beauty products that are good for your skin and the environment. Many of them are also incredibly reasonably priced. Even big brands that have been around for decades are jumping on the bandwagon, creatinggreen lines for their fanbase. Keep your eyes out for the little bunny symbol, recycle symbol and fair trade sign on packaging.

Natural Beauty Products


Zero Waste

We’re talking containers, to-go mugs and reusable bags. Imagine how must waste you would produce if you didn’t use a single reusable product for just one day. Your morning coffee would come in a paper cup, your lunch would be in take-out boxes orZiploc bags. The groceries you pick up after work would be put into plastic bags … I could go on. Invest in a good travel mug (there are so many amazing and pretty ones out there now!), some leak-proof food containers, and reusable bags to store away in your purse or car–that way you always have them when you need them. It’s a matter of forming a habit, socheck out these tips if you need a hand!

Zero Waste


More cities are getting on board with having proper composting programs. Did you know that in Vancouver you can actually be fined for throwing a compostable material into a garbage can?! It’s crazy but also amazing that a huge city like that is taking such a strong eco initiative. Composting improves the air, helps to grow bountiful gardens, and means there is less junk in the junkyard. Check to see if your city has a composting initiative, and if not, you could always offer to give your scraps to a local community garden or do your own composting at home!


Home Cooking

It’s cool to bring your own homemade lunch to work. So long are the days of going out to lunch every day of the week, spending half your paycheck on fancy (or not so fancy) sandwiches and coffees. There are so many great ideas out there, like mason jar salads, one-pot wonders, and buddha bowls that make packing a lunch super simple but also delicious and cost-friendly. Check outsome of these tips and recipes for fueling from our amazing Luminary Ally Born!

Home Cooking