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December 29, 2015

Tara Koenig

This week, we chatted with our very own Luminary, Tara Koenig about how she sets her goals for the year using her #52in52 strategy. If you're feeling stuck in the resolution rut, check out these great tips on how to get your goals down, no matter the size.

Q: What's #52in52?

A: Last December I was starting to think about the New Year; what I wanted to do, who I wanted to be, things that I wanted to experience. I found setting goals to be better than setting resolutions. I had a friend a few years back complete a list of 12 goals she had for a year – one per month. While I set and revisit my goals a few times a year (save that for another post), I wanted to make sure I set up to have a wicked 2015.  I was super unhappy at my job at the time and wanted little things to do to keep me from losing my spark. Thus #52in52 was born! I wrote out a list of 52 things – or small goals - to accomplish in 2015. The goals ranged from baking a birthday cake for a friend (#2) to quitting my job (#41). New experiences such as cross-country skiing (#45 - shown below) were exciting and helped me get over whining about winter. There was time to connect with others when I called someone I hadn’t talked to in a long time (#18) or when I was complimenting a stranger (#9). Teaching an outdoor yoga class (#44 - shown below) was a great way to connect with my community.

Tara Koenig

Tara Koenig

Q: How did you come up with your list?

A: A few people have even come up to me to ask for my list. While I am happy to provide my 52 things as inspiration, it’s important to make the goals personal. These things should enrich your year, add some fun and make you step outside of your comfort zone. If there was ever a moment when you thought "I wish I had done that" then make it a goal! If you look back at memories that bring joy, recreate it (that’s why #16 - have a picnic - was on my list last year). It’s fun to think of your list as an epic to-do list for the year. Even doing things in your hometown that seem too touristy can be super fun. For this coming year I have a good mix of physical, financial and personal goals.

Q: How do you make sure you stick with it?

A: I made my #52in52 super visual in my bedroom. It had to be something I would look at everyday. I made it exciting by writing each goal on a bunch of brightly coloured Post-It notes and pinning them to a corkboard. Slowly throughout the year I would take the Post-It down as I completed the goal. I only have a few more days until 2016, and 8 stickies left. It’s been satisfying seeing the board slowly empty throughout the year. There are some goals I won’t achieve this year – I doubt I’ll go on an overnight hike or learn Italian in the next couple of days. Rather than looking at it as failure I see it as more things to take on next year!


Q: What does your list for 2016 look like?

A: Here is my new list for 2016. Ranging from big things (#3 – go to Africa) to small things I want to accomplish (#38- play Bingo).   The list is super specific, the goals are measurable but most importantly I am setting myself up for a fulfilling year.

Tara’s #52in52 for 2016!

  1. Ride a fat bike
  2. Take a trip with my love
  3. Go to Africa
  4. Tidy up my apartment (Kondo Style)
  5. Grow something from a seed
  6. Bake a pie
  7. Craft something epic
  8. Learn Italian (take 2)
  9. Go snowboarding
  10. Journal for one month
  11. Sew something
  12. Hand 2 hand
  13. Climb Cascade Mountain
  14. Rock climb outside
  15. Press to handstand
  16. Assist a Baptiste Program
  17. Make a homemade Halloween costume
  18. Sleep in the back country
  19. Canoe
  20. Swim across Johnson Lake
  21. Go to the movies
  22. Wreck the journal
  23. See the Northern Lights
  24. Skate on a Lake
  25. Volunteer with Parks
  26. Get my AST
  27. No Netflix for one week
  28. Run 10K
  29. Go to a concert
  30. Set up a baby account
  31. Build a snowman
  32. Go to Samurai For Sushi
  33. Sing at karaoke
  34. Try a new sport
  35. Build a memory jar to open in 2017
  36. Learn something new
  37. No stretchy pants for one week
  38. Go to Bingo
  39. Explore a new town
  40. Paint something
  41. Mirko’s special Day (he gets to choose everything we do for one day)
  42. Complete 40 days
  43. Camp at Two Jack Lake
  44. Watch sunrise and sunset in the same day
  45. Random acts of kindness day
  46. Go dancing
  47. Climb tunnel in 20 minutes
  48. Eat a meal blindfolded
  49. Go to the ballet
  50. Send 52 postcards
  51. Teach kids something
  52. Go to the spa

Tara Koenig

Now go make a list with your self, your partner, friends or kids. Share your #52in52 list (or a few highlights) in the blog comments below and lets all make 2016 EPIC! 

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