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December 12, 2015

Today is day 12 of our 12 days of giveaways. We can't believe today is the last day!

Today's prize is a Shaman Mala from our good friend Krista from Chalice Grove.

The Shaman connects to the medicine of the earth and sky to guide you to your inner healer. Through ritual you are now being asked to revisit, release, and retrieve; know that support is here for you on this journey of the soul. Let the light and dark of your Being dance together in harmony. 

Affirmation: I have the infinite wisdom within to heal my wounds and accept the totality of my being. 

Chalice Grove
Chalice Grove is a platform for healing - a safe space to face our shadow and embrace our light. Founder Krista Reierson creates malas - sacred amulets for the journey inward - as a tool to shift limiting beliefs about the Self. The Archetype Series taps into ancient patterns that exist in human consciousness to allow us to discover our life patterns, lessons, and gifts. 
All you have to do is enter via the options on the form below or respond to the following question in the blog comments: " What heals you?" Giveaway ends noon PST Dec 13th. Good luck! 

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Many thanks to all our generous sponsors and everyone who participated in these giveaways! Have a very happy holiday season! xo Leah

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