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Yoga Chic: How to Style your Print Leggings

August 17, 2015

Author: Jessica Sternberg, Inner Fire Luminary

Print leggings. They’re everywhere.

It’s easy to get swept away in a sea of flashy designs and bright colors, but when it comes down to it, print leggings are in. And it’s time to get your style on!

Working in the yoga apparel industry, I find most people who are afraid of trying print leggings simply don’t know how to incorporate them into their existing wardrobe. If you’re curious about this booming trend, but don’t know where to start, let me guide you to print legging stardom:

How to Wear Print Leggings

First off, just because they are sweat wicking and crazy comfortable doesn’t mean leggings are only for the gym. You can dress up a pair of prints with a boyfriend blazer and a pair of heels. Sure, you probably can’t get away with this look at the office (unless you work at an exceptionally cool office!), but this outfit is fair game for a night out with the girls.

@Jacfruits wears her Aurora Leggings with some black pumps

If you’re more of a “leggings aren’t pants” kind of gal, you can most definitely wear your Inner Fire leggings during a sweaty workout or flexy yoga class. Pair them with a solid tank in any neutral color. My secret? Take a prominent color in the leggings, and wear that color in a sports bra under your tank so it subtly peaks out. Now that’s outfit planning!

@Tinabock perfectly pairs her Geometrica Leggings with a hot pink bra.  

What's my favorite print legging outfit, you ask? Wearing a crisp white top, a pair of sneakers and that go-to pair of prints that you always come back to. The perfect weekend outfit.

A few general rules:

  • Avoid wearing a print on top. Your leggings are the star of the show, your shirt shouldn’t compete with them
  • Pick a prominent color in the print, and use that to accent the rest of your outfit. For a bold look, wear a solid shirt in that color. For a more subtle look, accessorize with a hint of that hue.
  • Neutrals can’t go wrong. When in doubt, throw on a slinky tank or tee in black, white or grey and let your pants do the talking
  • Wash with care. I never put my spandex in the dryer (Just the thought of it makes me shudder)! Always wash in cold water with similar fabrics (read: no wool or heavy knits) and hang to dry. Do that and you’ll be rocking those fabulous leggings for years to come.
How do you style your print leggings? We'd love to hear your ideas!


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