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International Women's Day 2014

March 03, 2014

This year, we will be taking part in YWiB SFU's annual International Women's Day Conference! See you there, March 8th!

The Origins of International Women’s Day

The International Women’s Day Conference was originally a movement for equality and universal suffrage in the 1900s.  Since then, every year on March 8, women from around the world, from all cultures, religion and location, come together in unison to celebrate women’s achievements and to remind one another of what has yet to be accomplished.

International Women’s Day 2014 hosted by  YWiB SFU


This year, YWiB SFU will be hosting its fourth annual International Women’s Day Conference at Century Plaza Hotel in Downtown Vancouver.  Prepared to welcome over 200 guests, YWiB SFU invites all to attend its signature event to celebrate this special day with us.  The event features inspirational guest speakers, a well-rounded group of panelists and an engaging expo featuring local entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations.

The theme: Defining Success

The theme of our event is “Defining Success.”  While women are increasingly striving to achieve success in competitive, male dominated industries, another factor we deem important to address is the many social, cultural and even economic factors that pressure individuals to pursue particular career paths.  Our conference this year is built with the goal to empower young emerging female leaders to pursue the paths they are truly passionate about.  With the many inspirational speaker presentations and networking opportunities, we invite everyone to join us on this day to share your story and be inspired by others.

557753_362043210500402_2104724871_n 555032_362043483833708_171639589_nFor more info on how to buy tickets, please click HERE.

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