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February 29, 2016

Our Luminary, Lauren Rudick, has spent the latter years of her life turning yogis into teachers and hosting yoga retreats in exotic places such as Costa Rica and Morocco. Lauren is unapologetic about being herself, and we support that endlessly.  

1. What brought you to yoga and kept you there?

I started yoga because it was offered for free at my local gym. I stayed
because every time I practiced I felt better and better and I liked the
person I was becoming. I felt proud of my physical accomplishments on the
mat and it empowered me to take on great feats of the mat. I loved how much
I started to care about who I was as a person and the impact I was making
on the world. Yoga made me more mindful. The desire to constantly improve
in all aspects of life kept me there.

2. What's something you love about yourself?

I love my playfulness and silliness.

3. In your retreats and teacher trainings, what is something that sets you apart from others?

I think what sets me apart is my commitment to truth and authenticity. I
say it like it is, the way I see it. I am opinionated and outspoken. I
invite others to be the same way. I welcome and value honesty and speaking
one's mind. My students learn that they can be totally themselves and be
accepted for who they are. My retreats and trainings are not just a yoga
brand veiled with zen buzzwords. We have real, deep, profound experiences.
We really share and connect on a deep level.

4. How long have you lived in Costa Rica, and what has kept you there?

I've lived in Costa Rica for about a year now. What keeps me here? The good
weather, the surf, the sunsets but mostly the freedom. In my life here I
feel that I can achieve anything I set my mind to and I have the resources
to put it into action.

5. What advice would you offer someone that is struggling to find their Inner Fire?

Take some time to yourself. Be alone for a little while, get
out of your normal routine and headspace. Maybe take a walk somewhere
outside or take yourself on a weekend away. You'll find yourself
eventually. Alone time is sacred and it helps us get to know our deepest

6. What's your Inner Fire?

Travel. Puppies. Nature. The ocean. Immersing myself in life and diving headfirst into my passions.

7. (Bonus Question) What's your favorite pair of Inner Fire leggings?

My new purple feather leggings! I LOVE Inner Fire. They feel like naked and
look sooooo good.

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