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What's in a name? The birth of Inner Fire

July 22, 2012

So what’s the backstory, you ask? Well, this entry will attempt to chronicle a bit about how Inner Fire Creations came to be. In a nutshell, it all came about from me having extra time on my hands while recovering from emergency surgery at the end of last year. I started sewing yoga and meditation accessories as gifts and people kept telling me that I should sell them. Voila, a DIY craft business was born!

Once I knew I wanted to have a business, I knew I needed to call it something. Luckily, I had done some work in marketing in the past and had a bit of an eye for what would be effective and catchy. It still didn’t make it any easier to decide on something, though!

So, I began with trying to come up with my own company identity and branding. I had a bit of graphic design experience from my marketing background and I knew the basics of how to use design software. I started doodling and writing down the names of things that might suit the feeling I was trying to portray with the stuff I made. I originally wanted to call my company “Peace Tree” but when I told people, they thought I was saying “pastry”. “Pastry Creations” would be a whole other business completely! What, that meditation cushion isn’t edible?

Anyways, I eventually came up with the name “Inner Fire” because this whole thing came about from two very real fires that were burning inside of me.  The first was a literal fire: a giant ovarian cyst that had gone undetected for months. The second was a figurative fire: the desire to do more with my life. Back in November 2011, I was rushed off to the hospital after teaching 3 yoga classes with severe abdominal and back pain. It turns out I had an ovarian cyst the size of a grapefruit that needed to be removed ASAP. Man, this thing was creating SO MUCH internal turmoil inside of me, yet I ignored all the signs (AND I’M A YOGI – YOGIS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE TUNED INTO THEIR BODIES!). Looking back, I’m sure my insides were screaming for help. They were saying “HEY LEAH! WHEN WAS THE LAST FRICKEN TIME YOU LOOKED INSIDE YOURSELF!?” BECAUSE IF YOU DID, YOU’D NOTICE YOU WERE CARRYING 5LBS WORTH OF CRAP AROUND THAT IS POISONING YOU.” And so, after I went through the whole traumatic ordeal of getting that chunk of crap removed, I like to believe that it was replaced by a little flame. The yogis call this flame “agni” and it always points upward, just like a real flame. In other words, it’s guiding light is always pointing to the stars, even when your life is upside down (or you’re in headstand!). It is also the name of a Hindu deity. Agni’s job is to be the messenger between gods and mortals, to be the link between the ethereal and the earth-bound. How fitting.

So that is how the name “Inner Fire” came to be. I designed a logo to fit the name, depicting a flame that also outlines the shape of a person reaching upwards. I went through so many different logo ideas before I settled on this one. I knew had to keep it simple. Of course, the hardest part was trying to draw the silly thing on Adobe Illustrator. I think it took me 5 hours. Maybe it’s because I had to scroll through about 400 fonts to find one I liked for the name.

Here are some hilariously bad logo sketches I did at the very beginning:


Once I had the name and logo done, I felt compelled to come up with a catchy tagline (you know, because all the cool companies are doing it. Before you know it, I’ll come up with a jingle too). So what was the tagline going to be? It took me about 5 minutes to come up with. I was sitting on the toilet one day and these three words popped (or pooped?) into my head: “Ignite, Explore, Inspire”. This is what my stuff was about. I wanted people to feel the same inspiration I did. I wanted them to ignite the spark, then explore its meaning in relation to their lives and then to finally pass on the favour and inspire others to do the same. It has really become a mantra for daily living for me, along with “put it in writing, put it in writing, put it in writing.” And so, a brand was born. I really don’t like calling it a brand, though. It reminds me of all the papers I wrote in university about how Harley Davidson and Apple were successful brands. I prefer the word “identity,” because it reflects what I’m trying to convey as a person too.

And here it is all together!


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