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October 10, 2016

“You're so lucky,” they said. People always say that when they hear where I'm going next.

It may look like things come with ease because that's what happens when you live in alignment, your soul pulsing with passion and boundless purpose.

And yes, sometimes your friends look at your life and comment on how easy it is for you, and how good you have it. This is where annoyance trickles in, because when someone is comfortable in the life they are living whether that be for themselves or someone else, you know that explaining the ‘how’ and ‘why’ you do everything you do will only go so far before their objections begin to pour out.

“But I thought you were doing THIS, not that.”

Oh darling, there is so much beauty in transforming and expanding with the flow of life. Your emotions, your gut feelings and new experiences grow. As a gushing river forever changing course when it feels right, I can't imagine being one of the solid rocks that I brush past on my journey. Each day I choose to twist and turn, swirling this way and that. Doesn't that sound better than sitting still like a pond, waiting for the rain to replenish your thirst?

“You're so lucky.”

A friend said who had seen me living abroad for two years sharing my #foreveronvacation photos. Sure, spending several months in depression before I booked a one way flight was lucky. Planning my trip around volunteer work and cheaper plane tickets was lucky. Working hard to make my business something I can do all over the world was lucky. Building my experience for three years so that my dream clients almost always hire me on the spot was lucky. Battling through a lengthy immigration process so my partner and dog can join me in Sweden... that was lucky.

Oh yes, I am lucky.

“You can't do that (here).”

I was telling someone about a project my partner and I are starting, and how we'll be moving it abroad. Their response was that our plan will require educating people in certain countries about animal welfare and elevating their status in human dominant society. T his person couldn't wrap their mind around the possibilites, only pitching in why it couldn't work. She didn't believe that with enough hard work focused on the right things, change is possible wherever you are. In fact, I don't think she believed in anything other than the path that was planned out for her by a conforming society.

"They will always complain about their life, but they won't do anything to change it."

Eventually you stop offering advice, throwing opportunities their way, and sharing your successes. Then, you stop listening.

The truth is, when you start to live your dream, you outgrow these people. You wake up one day to see that you're not the biggest dreamer in the room, and you're surrounded not only by dreamers, but by ambitious doers who work hard to make that dream a reality.

We are the purpose-driven pleasure seekers.

We lift each other up and want all of our dreams to come true. Instead of asking why you would do something like that, we ask, “how can I help that become a reality?”

And so, my dearly beloved, how can we help to turn your dream into a reality?

By Luminary Savannah Wishart

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