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November 16, 2015

#realyogis instagram

Join our next Instagram Challenge: #RealYogis

There's no denying it, a big part of our lives is now lived out online. The online space has the power to both inspire us and also consume us. As yogis, it's important to acknowledge the hidden pressures of having an online presence. Maybe it's the pressure to be perfect or the pressure to be flexible. Whatever it is, it's something that many of us struggle with on a daily basis.

That's why we created the #RealYogis Instagram Challenge. We want to create a safe space where people can show their vulnerable side and express themselves in the truest way possible.

Here's how to enter:

The challenge starts Monday, November 16th and ends on Friday November 20th at 7pm PST.  To be eligible:

  • Repost and 'like' the giveaway graphic with tags #RealYogis, #myinnerfire, and @myinnerfire.  (The graphic will be posted Sunday, November 15th at 8am PST)
  • Follow Inner Fire's Instagram account if you haven't already (@myinnerfire)
  • Post your favorite poses each day of the challenge. Here is the guideline:
    • Monday: #RealYogis fall out of poses. A pose you have a hard time staying in, or even better an actual photo of you falling out of the pose!
    • Tuesday: #RealYogis go beyond the physical.  A pose that helps you find stillness within.
    • Wednesday: #RealYogis help each other out.  Post a photo of you with a friend.
    • Thursday: #RealYogis let go of judgment.  A pose that you judge yourself for sometimes or may not be proud of.
    • Friday: #RealYogis abandon perfection.  A pose you know is not perfect but makes you feel powerful anyway.

We'll choose the 3 best entries to showcase on Instagram and send each winner a $100 shopping spree at Thank you for participating!

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